Trimming Beading Machines

Workpiece diameter (up to)

2000 mm

Workpiece height (up to)

1500 mm

Workpiece thickness (up to)

10 mm

Machines produced in series or customized according to customer's requirements in order to perform the following operations:

  • Trimming
  • Inward/outward beading
  • Inward/outward ribbing
  • Inward/outward curling
  • Inward/outward flanging
  • Threading
  • Lock-seaming with 3 or 5 container thicknesses

on round and polygonal drawn parts or roll-bended cylinders.
All OMERA trimming-beading machine models can be equipped with specific motorisation according to the kind of machining to be performed and with working units driven by pneumatic-hydraulic, hydraulic and/or brushless electric systems.

Know-How and Expertise

Operated by pneumatic, hydraulic or brushless motorised units, our trimming beading machines stay for quality, efficiency and flexibility. Today, simulations support us in choosing the most suitable solution for a specific production process.

Rapid Tooling

Innovative OMERA supports for work tools help to speed up the tool configuration process:

  • Equipment for a rapid connection of the die to the spindle
  • Rapid die changing system
  • Brushless technology available for units, pressers, automation centering units and much more

CNC Programming

We develop specific CAD – CAM softwares for CNC machines. Process definition:

  • Starting data: tool-path on CAD drawing
  • CAD – CAM program
  • CNC tool path

Trimming-Beading Machines and Industry 4.0

SW/HW architecture complies with Industry 4.0 requirements:

  • PC connection for monitoring machine parameters
  • Production, processing and storage of data and statistics
  • Remote HMI interface with Apple IOS / Android
  • Acquisition of working profile: an optical vision system provides in real time an accurate measurement of the edge quality

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