Hydraulic Presses


The application versatility as a single unit and the ease of integration into production lines enhance the performances of OMERA hydraulic presses, making them conceptually completely different from a normal machine tool. The proposed technological solutions highlight their structural strength, ergonomics and noiselessness during high performance.


Cushion force and slide speed are controlled via a closed loop control system in all our hydraulic presses, with the possibility of adjusting different pressure and speed levels directly from HMI, to be interpolated based on cushion and slide position.
It is also possible to perform cycles for dies with nitrogen cylinders and cycles for dies for coining.


OMERA hydraulic C-frame presses are characterized by high performance, with the possibility of having two motor pump units
and hydraulic blocks with monitored valves, allowing simple maintenance for the operator.
The possibility of using low pressures allows a fine control of the production process.

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