Technical Assistance

For a company like ours that considers the safety and reliability of its machines and systems one of the main reason for success, technical assistance is a fundamental and irreplaceable component of its business activity. This includes both before and after sales services and is provided with the same care directly by the headquarters or through our partner agencies throughout the world, or even jointly, depending on the case. Furthermore, every customer can take advantage of our online technical assistance, submitting questions and requests and receiving a reply in real-time.

Spare Parts

Ensuring every customer the immediacy in restoring the operational functions of any OMERA machine providing the spare part required in a very short time, is another of our competitive advantages. This service is also ensured for out-of-warranty or old products, both for spare parts and for interventions at customer’s site, by our technicians or by partner agencies, and for the most complex cases.

Scheduled Maintenance

It is the formal commitment we undertake with respect to the users of our products. With our scheduled and periodical audits and technical inspections, we achieve the goal of keeping our machines in perfect efficiency over the years, preventing machine downtimes and extraordinary maintenance.


Always at your side. Through a simple Internet connection it is possible for us to know the status of your OMERA machine, provide online diagnosis and give you a first assistance and maintenance service without the need for on-site intervention by one of our technicians. For the TELESERVICE we use a VPN connection which connects us directly via web, through your company network, to the computer installed in the press.


For an efficient operation, every OMERA system or product installed requires an adequate preparation of customer’s personnel. This training activity is a "service in the service" that OMERA provides on site through its qualified technicians.

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