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OMERA BEADING MACHINE R400-HORIZONTAL, with brushless motorized double head, is suitable for flanging or curling TIG welded or longitudinally seamed stainless steel pipes.

One of the strengths of this solution is that the piece is machined on both ends simultaneously, thanks to a pair of brushless motors and encoders that ensure constant alignment of the two spindles rotation.

The work units, performing in this case curling and flanging operations, are numerically controlled: this guarantees high precision of the processing. Moreover, the working parameters can be programmed from operator panel.

The work programs selection from master PC reduces line setting times during production changes.

Furthermore, the machine has the OMERA INDUSTRY 4.0 EVOLUTION SYSTEM package:

  • The System is interconnected in the network to other new OMERA machines arranged in line.
  • The PLC makes the data available in reading and writing to allow the IT / logistics systems of the factory to interact with the beading machine.
  • Through customer's office PC it will be possible to remotely monitor, modify, record and recall the set-ups and the production data of the beading machine.
  • Through OMERA Teleservice, the possibility of carrying out remote diagnostics is guaranteed, resulting in reduced machine downtime for maintenance.
  • The system monitors the working conditions of the beading machine.
  • OMERA software allows the management of appropriate alarm signals.

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