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OMERA. Stronger together in the new normality

Friday, 05 June 2020 -


Now more than ever, the attention that OMERA has always paid to environmental and social sustainability is proving extremely useful in dealing with pandemic-related problems.

Therefore, if on the one hand we too have suffered the lockdown like most companies, on the other hand reinforcing our business strategy by applying the envisaged anti-Covid 19 safety protocols has been a natural action consistent with our principles.

Focusing on environmental protection and energy saving belongs to our DNA, as proved by our autonomy in energy consumption and by the technological solutions applied to our machines in order to reduce energy consumption. But also corporate welfare and the attention to the well-being of our employees has always been, and even more now, one of the milestones that underlies the social relationship between company, collaborators and community.

For the safety of our employees and of the many customers who visit us, OMERA has adopted all the new indications provided by the protocols such as social distance, protective barriers, temperature taking, masks, sanitizing gels, disposable gloves. In addition, we have put in place a series of even stricter internal procedures that guarantee maximum protection when people move and things and goods are displaced inside the company premises.

Relations with our customers change in form but not in substance. Thanks to the remote assistance devices installed on our machines, we have always had the possibility, even during the lockdown period, to respond effectively to the specific needs of our customers. Furthermore, through video calls, webinars and interactive fairs we have been able to reach even the most distant customers.

For all these reasons, today OMERA can face the new normality with more confidence than yesterday, as it knows how to respond efficiently and methodically to the post-Covid restart phase, by relying both on the commitment of its collaborators and on the trust of its customers.

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