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RETROFITTED OMERA PRESSES. Controlled quality at the best guaranteed price

Thursday, 12 September 2019


An OMERA OPI.M 350 tons hydraulic press for deep drawing is available this month for sale. The press has been completely overhauled with original spare parts and new OMERA software, and meets the requirements to benefit from Industry 4.0 IPER-depreciation



Main Slide    
Adjustable work capacity of main slide: kN   350 ÷ 3500
Number of push cylinders of main slide: no. 1
Distance Table/Slide and Stroke     
Maximum stroke of main slide: mm 800
Maximum distance table/main slide: mm 1600
Independent bottom active Effect controlled by encoder    
Adjustable power:  kN   180 - 1800
Maximum stroke:  mm  470
Table and Overall Dimensions    
Table: mm  1400 x 1200
Main slide: mm  1400 x 1200
Hydraulic System     
Main pump motor: kW 75,0 + 15,0


The press has a hydraulic system with overhauled pumps, a new heat exchanger, new motors in IEC3 class, new pipes, new cylinders. Electric panel, control panel and electric system are completely new and complete with state-of-the-art Siemens PLC 1500, VPN card for Teleservice and Omera Industry 4.0 Evolution System package.


Why choose a retrofitted OMERA press? 

- Dimensional control, overhauling and replacement of existing parts (mechanical and electrical parts, software) with original OMERA components.
- Compliance with the latest safety regulations (EC declaration of conformity).
- Testing, installation, start-up and training according to OMERA standard.
- 12 months warranty covering the entire machine.
- Assistance and supply of OMERA spare parts.



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