C-Frame Mechanical Presses

Nominal Force (up to)

3150 kN

Speed (up to)

120 rpm

Stroke (up to)

250 mm

C-frame mechanical presses are specifically used for blanking and for the manual single-stroke or automatic cycle stamping of small parts. The current range includes flying and flag presses from 63 to 315 tons. The 63-ton is the smallest of the range, with the slide running on 4 guides. From 160-ton onwards, the slide moves on 6 guides. 

Quality as Standard

The C-frame mechanical presses are produced in series. This allows to optimize not only the production process but also the quality controls, thus obtaining a highly reliable product.

A Wealth of Accessories provided

The C-frame mechanical presses come already complete with a large number of accessories.

Easy Maintenance

The C-frame mechanical presses are designed to have a centralized management of the control elements, with clear and detailed instructions that facilitate the maintenance.

Quick Die Changing

Available on our whole range of mechanical presses:

  • Lifting rails on the table
  • Movable brackets
  • Automatic die clampers


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