Quality, as a real fundamental element of a company strategy able to give to customers that product satisfaction they are longing to receive: in such a way OMERA outlines its production process showing most of the competitive advantages that have made it a leader in the world and in time.

OMERA has been one of the first company in the field to obtain a Quality Certification ISO 9001 for its system, a confirmation of its propensity to keep a high quality of its excellence standards.
Quality Policy.

Dealer of UCIMU brand, identifying the most qualified Italian mechanical production, OMERA reveals its business sensitivity aiming at environmental sustainability of its production cycle. The symbol BLUE PHILOSOPHY identifies a precise operating philosophy, which results in a whole energetic autonomy of the company, obtained by using an efficient photovoltaic plant and in designing machines and solutions particularly suitable for the reduction of energy consumption.

Finally, OMERA has recently obtained the “SAFE WORK” CERTIFICATION by INAIL. It is an important step, which confirms to the international market that the “System for the Management of Health and Safety atthe Workplace” follows precise rules guaranteeing the quality of work in the plants, both in the processes and in the human resources working in the company.