Being protagonists also means knowing how to anticipate the changing market needs and translate them into concrete and innovative solutions. Our story is punctuated by many small and big achievements, realised and overcome over time. This is even more true today as we are active actors in providing our machines with even more "intelligence." For the OEMs of the future, we are investing in know-how, creativity, technology and tools to realize solutions capable of optimizing production, making factory automation more flexible and efficient and transforming customers’ production system data in valuable information, with the aim of increasing the value chain by increasing their competitiveness. As reliable point of reference in the international market for the quality and completeness of our range of mechanical and hydraulic presses, trimming-beading machines and automatic production lines, today we are proposing new and innovative solutions basing on the concept “Industria 4.0”. Two recent realisations are an example of it. The first one is a trimming-beading machine for the beading of steel pipes equipped with innovative optical vision systems that, thanks to a high-resolution camera and appropriate optics, provides an accurate measurement of the edge quality in real time. Through a complete scanning, which occurs during the rotation of the workpiece, the entire profile of the drawn part is accurately detected, thus calculating the bend angle, the angular differences of the edges and other measures relating to the distance between the beaded and not beaded part. The whole process is performed and monitored by a high performance PC. A second example is the 160 tons C-frame mechanical press. It is characterized by an automatic stroke change and equipped with automatic adjustments, an automatic control of the hydraulic safety device, front light curtains with cycle start control and a pneumatic safety barrier, as well as by a motorized and automatic adjustment of the slide positions with self-braking motor and recirculating ball guides. Thanks to the OMERA INDUSTRY 4.0 EVOLUTION SYSTEM, a specially designed hardware and software package, we offer a dedicated solution for controlling the press and/or line working conditions and an adaptive management of the machine parameters. In short: since 1951 OMERA has always been a step ahead.