A precise environment-friendly governance system allows us to best manage the economic, social and environmental impact connected with our production processes. This strategy is founded on the new BLUE PHILOSOPHY concept, which so far has enabled us to: - Use a new photovoltaic system in our main factory, capable of covering an energy consumption of about 600 kWh a year, resulting in improved environment sustainability and making us self-sufficient with the use of clean energy - Adopt new development models in the construction of our machines by minimising the use of energy, raw materials and means of production - eco-innovative processes which allow us to design and construct energy-saving or energy-recovery machines. Still on the energy issue, from the year 2000 onwards our company has been part of the “Consorzio Energy Industria” (Industry Energy Consortium) set up by Confindustria (Italian Industry Federation), which is the largest national mediation consortium for electricity and gas, counting 1104 companies among its members. Omera’s General Manager, Massimo Carboniero, is the Vice-President of the Consortium.