In the scenario of Italian producers of machines for the sheet metal forming, Omera has long represented a point of reference in the international market. It offers to its customers a complete range of products consisting in mechanical and hydraulic presses as well as trimming beading machines. This selection is completed with more complex achievements like automatic lines: these ones, integrated with feeding lines, transfer, manipulator, robot etc., place OMERA in a prominent position in the supply of turnkey plants, mainly in the industry of household appliances, under pressure tanks and car sub-contracting. During “LAMIERA 2017” in Milan, at Hall 13, Booth D07, OMERA is presenting two interesting solutions in terms of “Industry 4.0”. OMERA is displaying a trimming beading machine for the beading of stainless steel tubes that will use innovative optical vision systems, which thanks to a high-resolution webcam and to appropriate optics, will be able to supply a precise, real time measurement of the quality of the edge. By means of a complete scan during the rotation of the piece, it will be possible to measure the profile of the deep-drawn piece, by calculating the bending angle, the angular difference of the edges and other measurements regarding the beaded part and the non-beaded one; all this elaborated and monitored by a high-performance PC. Moreover, OMERA is displaying a prototype of a 160 ton c-frame mechanical press mod. “160 RGR-A” featured by automatic stroke adjustment and equipped with automatic adjustments, automatic control of the hydraulic safety, front light curtains with start cycle control and pneumatic safety barriers, motorized and automatic adjustment of the position of the slide with self-breaking motor, recirculating roller guides. Thanks to OMERA “Industry 4.0” Evolution System, a hardware and software package specifically designed, the company based in Chiuppano will be able to offer a solution dedicated to the monitoring of the working conditions of the press and/or line and to an adaptive management of the machine parameters in order to make the system suitable for “Industry 4.0” and to qualify for the iper-depreciation plan provided for by the law n. 232 of 11th December 2016.