Ventilation Ducts and fittings Production Line

With OMERA ventilation ducts and fittings production line the whole process is optimized obtaining high productivity. The ventilation ducts and fittings production line is designed and specialized to reach a reduction in the number of steps to perform the drawing piece, maintaining a high drawing quality. Producing a fitting, a duct, an angle, a reducer and a “T” piece for the ventilation by means of an OMERA automatic line, means relying upon a company which has been an undisputed Leeder in this sector for many years. The line has been achieved focusing on the technology of the die which has made it possible to reduce the number of passages; using only one press the value of the investment has been considerably reduced. Clear benefits arise from the reduction of the number of dies, presses and automations: con- sequent benefits result in terms of optimization of the cycle times, reduction of set up times in the logistics and in the management of the machinery.No less remarkable are the advantages resulting from the optimization of the development of the blank with consequent reduction of the scrap and of the cost of the raw material. Thanks to a careful analytical preliminary study and to simulations, OMERA has achieved project goals with confirmed and certified performances.


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