Mechanichal Presses OPM.M

Nominal force (up to)

20000 kN

Speed (up to)

140 rpm

Stroke (up to)

800 mm

Composite and monolithic mechanical presses are characterised by a high frame stiffness, tested using the Finite Element Method (FEM), and by the precision of the slide guidance system. OMERA range of products provides for single or double connecting rod mechanical presses, with fixed or variable stroke and automatic stroke adjustment. According to the applications and to the pieces to be produced, OMERA develops solutions with kinematics:

  • Eccentric
  • Soft blanking
  • Link drive
  • Servodrive

Frame stiffness

Press Frame an guide response optimized by FEM analysis.

Slide guiding

Roller guides for precise and high rigidity guiding of the slide. OMERA roller guides design allows higher rigidity and load improvement.

Smart Energy Management

A Smart Energy Management for the main motors allows to store breaking energy in the flywheel avoiding energy exchanges during the cycle. SEM improves efficiency, allows motor & drive downsizing and reduces current peaks to minimum.

Quick die changing

Available on the whole portofolio:

  • Lifting rails on the table
  • Movable brackets
  • Automatic die clampers


Moving Table / Bolster

OMERA moving bolster is available on the whole portfolio for a more precise die regulations.


T- trak and Double moving bolster

T- trak and Double moving bolster by OMERA are used to change the die respectively for large presses and presses lines solutions


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