OMERA was founded way back in 1951. This was the time of reconstruction in Italy, which left plenty of room for creativity and a get-it-done attitude. That year, five young people sharing the same idea decided to embark on a professional adventure to create a new company – Omera – an acronym standing for Officina Meccanica E Riparazione Autocarri (Mechanical Workshop And Lorry Repairs). And their initial business activity was actually repairing and putting back on the market vehicles left over from the second world war. Nevertheless, their creative potential soon took them further and, recognising an evident demand within the industrial market, in 1952 they designed and constructed the first iron-cutting shears, a truly innovative machine for its time. From then onwards, it has been an ongoing sequence of new ideas, new projects and new market successes: starting with the first trimming-beading machine constructed in 1963, then the mechanical press in 1975, followed by the hydraulic press and, at the end of the 80s, by the first automatic production line. Over the years, the company’s development in the market has kept pace with its technological evolution, by progressing from the regional market in 1951 to the world market of today, and increasing the number of our personnel from the initial 10 to the over 100 currently employed.